Shadows Over Rochester

Pre-game Pow Wow

Next session (Monday, Dec. 21) we will likely complete said current adventure. Shadows of Atlantis starts off in Vienna, then moves to the four corners of the earth. It is built so that there are 3 parts, each a campaign in their own right. So said, you will have the option of sticking with one character (provided it survives) or building up to 3 (or more if you are careless).

The one thing I will insist upon will be that each of you will have connections or relations with AT LEAST one other character. This can be a husband/wife pairing (both from different cultures, if you’d like), child/parent, school chums, colleagues, business associates, teacher/grad student, grandparent/grandchild, nurse/matron, body guard/servant/master, CEO/lacky, secretary/business owner/politician, lawyers, musician/conductor/3rd violinist, a troupe of actors, a military squad, etc.

Start thinking of ideas for characters you would like to design. Military characters are not essential to the plot, but someone who can fight or has enlisted always comes in handy. Professors and knowledgeable characters are also helpful—they have a set of skills. I would prefer if you discuss the kind of character you are making so that all of you don’t have the same skills—this will leave you unable to do several things. If everyone has a high occult/library use/Cthulhu skill but low fighting skills you leave yourself open to weaknesses and missing clues based on skills like credit rating, bargain, psychology, etc.

Anyway, think about what you want to play. Choose something you’ll enjoy as you will be using the character for a while.



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